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Past Performers

Some Performers who we have had in the past:

Christian Finnegan

Hannibal Buress

Jordan Carlos

Carmen Lynch

Matt McCarthy

Nick Turner

Selena Coppock

Matt Wayne

Nick Vatterott

Sean Donnelly

Mindy Raf

Evan Jacobs

Mara Herron

Julian McCullough

Kara Klenk

Mike Recine

George Gordon

Myq Kaplan

Andy Haynes

Meg Cupernall

Doug Smith

Brent Sullivan

Pat Stango

Kevin Carlin

Jared Logan

Joe Mande

Adrienne Iapalucci

Erik Bergstrom

Michael Terry

Seaton Smith

Sean Donnelly

Dan St. Germain

Kevin McCaffrey

Raquel D’Apice

Team Submarine

Michael Che

Rae Sanni

Brendan Fitzgibbons

Nick Cobb

Tom Sibley

Danny Solomon

Jake Young






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